As Promised

On tonight’s podcast, we mentioned several artists and commented on their various works. As promised, here is the list of artists found on DeviantArt, with the titles of the works we discussed.

Quelchii – Loki-Do you trust me?

Quelchii – Tom Hiddleston (drawing)

Quelchii – Loki on black paper

johnsonting – Avengers Wallpaper 01

maXKennedy – Loki Frozen Glass

DyanaWang – Jotun Loki Frost

MischievousMistress – Jotun Loki

whiteshaix – Dream of Home

TheKucing – The Jewel of Jotenheim

icagic – Jotun Loki

Fallen-Trickster – Loki, Ruler of Jotenheim

Sigynart – Who Am I?

Epselion – Ice Cold

ShonnaTheWhite – Tom Hiddleston/Loki-Avengers/Loki

OriginalSilvertongue – Loki Silvertongue, shirtless

AdmiralDeMoy – Stuttgart III

AdmiralDeMoy – Red Haired Hiddleston

CaptBexx – Tom Hiddleston

Auri3 – Tom Hiddleston

Spiritius – Loki

RedKingOfNY – Tom Hiddleston and His Roles

Szikee – Thr Trickster

LindaMarieAnson – Loki’s Punishment

To find the Priest Loki image we talked about, go to Tanya@YmaginaryDesign on Twitter.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting the actual images or links to the images soon. And once again, Happy Birthday, Tom. Without you, none of this would exist. So from the very bottom of our collective hearts- thank you.

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