Accolades For Johnny (ABOUT DAMN TIME!)

Let me begin by saying this post is about 2 weeks late, and for that I apologize.


Johnny Depp has, once again, been recognized for his superior talent and his unwavering dedication to his movies and his fans. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic presented Johnny with a Medal of Honor during the observation of Serbian Statehood Day on February 15, 2022. His “outstanding merits in public and cultural activities, especially in the field of film art and the promotion of the Republic of Serbia in the world,” were sited during the ceremony, including shooting scenes in Belgrade for Minimata and voicing the lead character in the Serbian-produced animated series, Puffins.

Johnny had this to say… “I truly, sincerely thank you, President Vucic, and this medal of merit, if I am given the honor to walk away with this, I thank you for being kind enough to bestow it upon me.” He went on in a more personal vein, “I’m right now on the verge of a new life and I like it, I like a re-beginning, and I would love for that… beginning to start here.”

We like the new beginning and new life too, Johnny. Hopefully, this will mark the start of better things for Johnny, things we all know he deserves after the hell he has lived in for the last several years. And, as always, we here at Deppheads and Hiddlestoners stand with Johnny, we believe Johnny, and we support Johnny- now and forever. JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY DEPP!!!

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