Depp-osition pt 1

I spent the last few days watching parts of the “Trial of the Century”. Day 1- Jury Selection. Day 2- Johnny’s big sister, Christy, testifies to Johnny’s early years, school, friends and career. She’s actively worked with him in one way or another since before he started acting, having also weathered the damaging storms and emotional trauma brought on by an abusive parent. When asked about Johnny’s parenting skills, she replied, “I’m proud to say (Johnny Depp’s) one of the most devoted fathers I have ever seen.”

In short, most everything at this time is focused on outlining Johnny’s basic, elemental character. I have a few things to say, and I’m quoting others as well for some of it. First, to Depp supporters… “RALLY!!! We are millions, we are everywhere, and we are DANGEROUS! lol”

And to EVERYONE out there facing a choice between cereal and bacon and eggs for breakfast and those trying to figure out how they can still breathe after learning they are lost, unloved, unhomed and generally unwanted, there are a few movie quotes that might help- sadly, not from either of our guys’ movies- Anna says, “Do the next right thing.” in Disney’s ‘Frozen’. And Iggy says, “Sometimes there is no right choice. Then you just pick the sin you can live with.” and that’s from ‘Horns’.

Til next time. peace, love and JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY DEPP. Be safe.

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