Finally! We all knew it was just a matter of time, but finally, the whole world knows the truth. Johnny Depp has been publicly vindicated, and all of Amber Heard’s lies are coming back to bite her in the ass. Johnny won his defamation suit against her, securing $15 million instead of the requested $50 million, but really, this trial was not about the money, at its heart. It was about clearing Johnny’s name, and removing the stigma of abuser from his name.

Those of us, and I proudly count myself among the millions, who never doubted his word (not to mention the FACTS) also celebrate this victory, for we have been vindicated as well.

I, for one, never doubted him, and am, as always, pleased and proud to be counted among his loyal fans. And after 6 long years we finally get the satisfaction of seeing JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!!

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