It Can’t Rain All The Time

Sorry this post took so long- I wanted to make sure I had all the facts straight before I posted.

So, they’ve been working on a reboot of the Crow since the first was such a success. The original, starring the late, great Brandon Lee, came out in 1994. Some were surprised it was released at all, considering Brandon died from a malfunctioning prop gun while filming. But release it they did, to most everyone’s delight. Since then, fans have been salivating for a sequel.

One of the many setbacks this sequel has had to deal with is who will star in it, and who will direct it. In 2013, they thought they had found the perfect pairing. F. Javier Gutierrez directing, and – one of your favorites and mine – Tom Hiddleston Starring. Tom, however, had other plans and bowed out of the project before it could even get underway. He gave no reasons, but 2013 was the year he was out and about, promoting Thor: Dark World for Marvel. One of the many reasons he won 2013’s E! Online Celebrity of the Year Award.

Congrats on the award, Tom, but damn! You would have made a sexy, menacing, beautiful, terrifying Crow. Just as Brandon Lee was.

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