Degrees of Separation

I’ve been promising this post for a while, and I do apologise for taking so long to present it.

I have said, often, that Johnny Depp and Tom Hiddleston have to know each other… and I would love to know how they get along. They share views on acting-

Hiddleston Quote:   “(Acting) is always about, somehow, finding a part of myself that is relevant, and then turning the volume up on that particular part. So, I am all of the characters I’ve ever played, and I am none of them, at the same time.”

Depp Quote: “With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying.”

-Among other things, but they seem to be polar opposites most of the time. But, they say opposites attract…

Anyway, the biggest reason I say they must know each other, despite never having acted together, never interviewed together, and never really having been seen together (I have two pictures of them together. Two. Only two.), is because they have so many mutual friends and co-stars in common. This is the start of my list of common factors between Johnny Depp and Tom Hiddleston.

Robert Downey Jr. – RDJ and Johnny Depp go all the way back to before RDJ landed in jail and treatment centers in 2000-2001. They have remained friends through everything, and RDJ was one of the first to speak out in Johnny’s defense against Heard’s outrageous lies. These two are true blue- always. (Try saying that three times fast!)

RDJ and Tom Hiddleston met while filming Avengers, from everything I could discover. They are close enough as collegues go- Rob is comfortable enough and friendly enough with Tom to rag him about his well publicized affair with Taylor Swift, so I could definitely see Robert Downey Jr as being the common denominator that would bring our two favorite actors together.

Mia Wasikowska – Here’s another pretty face that is simply too lucky to be allowed. Actually, Mia is an amazing actor, among other things, and is talented enough to land, not one, but TWO co-star slots with each of our favorites. With Tom Hiddleston, she landed the role of Ava, the “little vampire sister” of Eve (played by Tilda Swinton), a Bohemian vampire in love with Adam (Tom Hiddleston), a rock and roll vampire who really is tired of the whole scene in “Only Lovers Left Alive”, which debuted in 2013, as well as giving Edith Cushing life in 2015’s “Crimson Peak”, where she is lucky enough to rate a very steamy love scene with her on-screen husband, Sir Thomas Sharpe, played by— you guessed it— Tom Hiddleston.

Her movies with Johnny Depp are a bit diffrerent, to say the least. Gone is the sinfully sexy, tall, dark and handsome Johnny we all so love to see. In his place, a kaleidoscope-eyed asylum escapee, who you realize isn’t half as crazy as the world is. Yes, I’m talking about the Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010, and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” in 2016. Mia, of course, steals both shows as Alice.

Paul Bettany – Paul and Johnny met on the set of 2010’s “The Tourist”, where Johnny plays Frank Tupelo, a tourist who gets caught up in romance, intrigue, danger, spies and mobsters while on holiday in France, and Paul plays the hard nosed MI6 agent set on capturing a billion dollar theif. They bonded instantly, it appears, and went on to do “Transcendance” together in 2014 and “Mortdecai” in 2015. Paul and Johnny are so close that authorities went through Paul’s phone looking for evidence against Johnny in the recent Depp vs Heard defamation trial.

Paul is also known as Iron Man’s voice in the ceiling, JARVIS, and later as Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is unclear how well Paul and Tom know each other, but working on the same movies means they DO know each other.

Check back later for more common factors between our favorite two men: Johnny Depp and Tom Hiddleston, unless, of course, they remove all supposition by either starring in a movie together or posting on social media, again, together.

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