Johnny Depp.
Tom Hiddleston.

What more needs to be said? Jenn is a longtime fan of both actors — and she’s dedicated to giving you all the best information and hottest pictures!

Want to hear colorful discussions about Johnny and Tom’s greatest performances? Then tune in to the weekly podcast and listen to Jenn and Barry talk about two of their favorite actors!

Jennifer Fenwick

Jennifer has had many careers and lived enough life to fill a dozen best sellers. In her current incarnation, her favorite Johnny Depp film is Benny and Joon, while her favorite Tom Hiddleston performance is in The Night Manager. She’s dedicated to spreading the joy of DeppHeads and Hiddlestoners to the masses.

Barry Reese

Barry is an author that’s worked for Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, West End Games, Pro Se Press, and many more. His favorite Johnny Depp film is Sleepy Hollow and he regards Thor Ragnarok as Tom Hiddleston’s best performance.

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