So sorry, Amber — NOT!

Amber Heard keeps losing — this time her lawyers asked for the verdict to be thrown out in Johnny’s recent judgement against her. She cited all sorts of reasons, including claims that one of the jurors was not who they were supposed to be. Ultimately, the judge decided that none of her claims had merit, which means she’s still on the hook for the $10 million she owes Johnny.

Karma is a real bitch.

Stay Tuned!

Our recording studio is undergoing some renovations but we’ll be back soon and will once again resume our weekly podcasting schedule!

Episode #31: Johnny Depp’s Willy!

Jenn and Kary are back to discuss the 2005 smash hit, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Learn why chewing gum is really gross; the dangers of life in Loompaland; and why you can’t run a chocolate factory with a family hanging over you like an old, dead goose!

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