Podcast #71: Here We Go Again… 1980-1983

Kary allows Jenn to interrupt his work day for the fo;;owing announcement:  THE 80S ROCK!!!! Find out which songs remind the hosts of the guys, which ones they’d like to hear the guys do, and their line up for the most in demand band performance EVER!

Podcast #69: Hate Myself For Loving You!

Jenn and Kary are back like a bad habit, this time dissecting the many characters Johnny Depp has made famous. Find out who they hate to love and love to hate, which one is the sexiest, the scariest, the ditzyist, according to our intrepid hosts. And find out which character keeps Jenn awake at night… The answer might surprise you! Kary reveals his hopes for future Depp performances as well. It’s a spectacular thrill ride that never stops!

Podcast #68: Ghosts of Hiddleston’s Past: A Look at Tom’s Historic Roles

Kary and Jenn delve into Tom’s historic past- from prehistoric animated films to Shakespeare on stage to World Wars I and II to West Virginia on New Year’s Day 1953, it’s obvious that a role has not been written that our Tom cannot bring to life.  Discussion also includes comparisons with Johnny Depp’s career, hopes for future projects, and speculation on the uncertain future for Loki, the role that propelled Tom to super-stardom.

Podcast #66: Hungry Like the Wolf for 80s Movies Part 2

Jenn and Kary explore the second half of the best decade that ever was! Hear our hosts’ top picks of each year, the best, the worst, and everything in between. Find out who believes Die Hard is a Christmas movie and who is wrong. From 1985-1989, some of the best movies and memories are featured here.

****This episode is dedicated to Carl Smith, who always said, “The 80’s were the last decade that was worth a shit.” And to his wife, Brenda Smith- Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

Podcast #65: Take on Me… As We Revisit the 80s Part 1

Join Kary and Jenn in a lively discussion of 1980s movies- the ones deserving of a second chance, and the ones that should have been left to die a natural death. 1980-1984, What was hot, what was not, and what we would love to see redone with today’s technology. As well as commentary on the movies that were, unfortunately, redone BADLY.

Podcast #64: We Don’t Need Another Hero

Jenn and Kary discuss what makes a good actor, why characters in movies and books become real, and what movies deserve a reboot vs which ones should have been left to die of natural causes… Revisit the 80’s with a nostalgic rememberance of Princess Diana, as portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki.

Damned Dynamic Depp Doll!!!

Here ya go, guys! Is this not the most stunning doll you’ve ever seen! I’m researching the artist as we speak, hopefully I can update this post soon with the artist’s contact info. And a HUUUGGGGEEEE “Glad you’re back!” to my wayward co-host, Kary, if only just from time to time!

Podcast #61: Kary’s First Depp-osition

Despite his other obligations, Kary just can’t stay away! He rejoins the podcast on an week by week basis just in time to check out some of the quirker quirks of our favorite quirky actor! Did Johnny’s underwear really fetch $3000 at a charity auction? How many times has he been arrested? And does he really collect dolls? All this  and a resounding “Glad you’re back!” to our #1 co-host with the most, as well as some discussion on possible forthcoming episodes. You don’t want to miss this!

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