Damned Dynamic Depp Doll!!!

Here ya go, guys! Is this not the most stunning doll you’ve ever seen! I’m researching the artist as we speak, hopefully I can update this post soon with the artist’s contact info. And a HUUUGGGGEEEE “Glad you’re back!” to my wayward co-host, Kary, if only just from time to time!

Podcast #61: Kary’s First Depp-osition

Despite his other obligations, Kary just can’t stay away! He rejoins the podcast on an week by week basis just in time to check out some of the quirker quirks of our favorite quirky actor! Did Johnny’s underwear really fetch $3000 at a charity auction? How many times has he been arrested? And does he really collect dolls? All thisĀ  and a resounding “Glad you’re back!” to our #1 co-host with the most, as well as some discussion on possible forthcoming episodes. You don’t want to miss this!

Co-Host Wanted Apply Within

Well, guys, for the second time in less than 12 months, I had to say goodbye to my co-host, Kary. He added a lot to our Deppheads and Hiddlestoners podcast, and helped shape the new direction we had chosen to take. Unfortunately, other obligations, scheduling conflicts, and general terrible luck and/or timing prevents him from continuing with the show. So goodbye, my King of Hearts, my platypus, my chameleon, my Loki incarnate. Fare the well, my friend. You will be sorely missed.

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