Hide and Seek on Lamentis

I’m so sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately! Gonna try my best to correct that, but til then… enjoy the podcast!

Jenn and Kary delve into the mysterious TVA as our heroes take a train, sing a song, get drunk and then kicked out!


Jenn and Kary dive into the more unusual and amazing facts about the man, the myth, the Loki, Tom Hiddleston. We also give a brief head shake and a not-so-brief laugh at Amber Heard’s first day of testimony, and briefly compare quotes from both Johnny and Tom on various subjects.

I Need a Hero

As promised, here’s a much better use for the song than what was done on the Loki series. I do apologize that the picture quality isn’t great.

My Glorious Purpose (Tattoos!)

It’s finally finished! Touchups aside, my first Loki tattoo got his final color yesterday. I’m extremely happy with KC Jones at Beyond Taboo Tattoo. He came through big time and I’m super pleased to show off the finished product.

Anyone who knows me knows I got my first tattoo at 17 years old, and I’ve never looked back. And I have to say, I don’t have one piece on my body that I’m ashamed of, or that I wish I hadn’t gotten. My ink tells the story of my life, and is ongoing. My glorious purpose- covering my entire body with ink!

I know I’m not the only one. Send me pics of your ink! Tell me your stories! I’d love to hear them.

Trivia, Anyone?

I’m considering setting up a twice monthly trivia contest- new questions concerning Johnny posted the morning after a Johnny podcast, Tom’s posted after his podcast. Anyone who answers all questions correctly on any given list will be posted here, on the blog. Running tallys will be kept through the year, and the top 5 fans of the year will get … something. To be perfectly honest, we’re not sure exactly what we’re giving away yet.

So I need some help from you guys. I can’t even get started putting together trivia sheets until I know if this is something that interests you. Let me know! Hit the “contact” button, e-mail us at deppheadsandhiddlestoners@yahoo.com, go through Jenn Barry on Facebook or Deppheads and Hiddlestoners on Instagram. Tell us what you think!

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