Finally! We all knew it was just a matter of time, but finally, the whole world knows the truth. Johnny Depp has been publicly vindicated, and all of Amber Heard’s lies are coming back to bite her in the ass. Johnny won his defamation suit against her, securing $15 million instead of the requested $50 million, but really, this trial was not about the money, at its heart. It was about clearing Johnny’s name, and removing the stigma of abuser from his name.

Those of us, and I proudly count myself among the millions, who never doubted his word (not to mention the FACTS) also celebrate this victory, for we have been vindicated as well.

I, for one, never doubted him, and am, as always, pleased and proud to be counted among his loyal fans. And after 6 long years we finally get the satisfaction of seeing JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!!

The Many Articles of Johnny Depp

In our upcoming podcast, Kary and I explore what is known about the many loves of Johnny Depp. It turns into a 2 parter, with us just barely scratching the surface of each of his romantic interests dating back to 1983. In the podcast, I reference a Playboy issue, and Kary seemed to think yall might be interested in seeing the real thing. So, here it is! I mistakenly referenced it as the Dec 1993 issue; it’s actually Jan 1996. Sorry about that.

Anyway, here’s shots of the front and back cover. Another interesting item: the back cover is Kate Moss, who Johnny was dating at the time of the interview, modeling for Calvin Klein, the designer that put Kate firmly in the realm of Supermodel.

Podcast #32: Hide and Seek on Lamentis

I’m so sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately! Gonna try my best to correct that, but til then… enjoy the podcast!

Jenn and Kary delve into the mysterious TVA as our heroes take a train, sing a song, get drunk and then kicked out!

Podcast #30: Hiddlefacts

Jenn and Kary dive into the more unusual and amazing facts about the man, the myth, the Loki, Tom Hiddleston. We also give a brief head shake and a not-so-brief laugh at Amber Heard’s first day of testimony, and briefly compare quotes from both Johnny and Tom on various subjects.

Depp-position Part 3

So, Johnny’s testimony is complete, and I think now is the time to discuss it. From minute one of cross examination, Johnny was incredibly patient and good humored with Amber’s lawyers, sincerely attempting to answer their questions as honestly and completely as possible. However- “Poke the meekest dog enough and he will bite.” Several times during cross, Johnny’s impatience showed through in the way he condescendingly repeated one lawyer’s name (Rottenborn), to asking if the court really wanted him to answer the questions he was being asked, and if so, why he was being continually interrupted, to asking the lawyer to repeat a particularly embarrassing question.

Kind of hard to blame the man. Amber put him through hell, lied about it, belittled him, debased him, abused him, physically and emotionally scarred him, then tried to turn HIM into the monster, all the while continuing psychological attacks by saying things like, “I didn’t punch you, I hit you. You’re fine. Stop whining.” “Okay so you can terrorize me by yelling but its not okay for me to throw things? Grow up.” And my personal favorite, “Go ahead and tell whoever you want. Nobody will believe you.” And after all of this, losing the Pirates and the Grindelwald franchises, being ostracized from American made films, labeled a wife-beater, and generally having been beaten down in every way that a man can be, he has to listen to these lawyers pick and choose what part of his testimony suits them? I understand it is their job but, frankly, I think not.

Even through all of this, every evening before leaving the courtroom, you can see Johnny getting out his sharpie markers and making preparations to meet his fans. Through it all, his love for us has never wavered, nor has his dedication to us faltered. You want the true measure of this man? All you have to do is observe him with his fans for a few, because whether it’s 15 minutes or 3 hours, he gives that last fan the exact same courtesy that he did the first. And that, my friends, is a true gentleman, with a gentleman’s heart.

Depp-osition pt 1

I spent the last few days watching parts of the “Trial of the Century”. Day 1- Jury Selection. Day 2- Johnny’s big sister, Christy, testifies to Johnny’s early years, school, friends and career. She’s actively worked with him in one way or another since before he started acting, having also weathered the damaging storms and emotional trauma brought on by an abusive parent. When asked about Johnny’s parenting skills, she replied, “I’m proud to say (Johnny Depp’s) one of the most devoted fathers I have ever seen.”

In short, most everything at this time is focused on outlining Johnny’s basic, elemental character. I have a few things to say, and I’m quoting others as well for some of it. First, to Depp supporters… “RALLY!!! We are millions, we are everywhere, and we are DANGEROUS! lol”

And to EVERYONE out there facing a choice between cereal and bacon and eggs for breakfast and those trying to figure out how they can still breathe after learning they are lost, unloved, unhomed and generally unwanted, there are a few movie quotes that might help- sadly, not from either of our guys’ movies- Anna says, “Do the next right thing.” in Disney’s ‘Frozen’. And Iggy says, “Sometimes there is no right choice. Then you just pick the sin you can live with.” and that’s from ‘Horns’.

Til next time. peace, love and JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY DEPP. Be safe.

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