Depp-position Part 3

So, Johnny’s testimony is complete, and I think now is the time to discuss it. From minute one of cross examination, Johnny was incredibly patient and good humored with Amber’s lawyers, sincerely attempting to answer their questions as honestly and completely as possible. However- “Poke the meekest dog enough and he will bite.” Several times during cross, Johnny’s impatience showed through in the way he condescendingly repeated one lawyer’s name (Rottenborn), to asking if the court really wanted him to answer the questions he was being asked, and if so, why he was being continually interrupted, to asking the lawyer to repeat a particularly embarrassing question.

Kind of hard to blame the man. Amber put him through hell, lied about it, belittled him, debased him, abused him, physically and emotionally scarred him, then tried to turn HIM into the monster, all the while continuing psychological attacks by saying things like, “I didn’t punch you, I hit you. You’re fine. Stop whining.” “Okay so you can terrorize me by yelling but its not okay for me to throw things? Grow up.” And my personal favorite, “Go ahead and tell whoever you want. Nobody will believe you.” And after all of this, losing the Pirates and the Grindelwald franchises, being ostracized from American made films, labeled a wife-beater, and generally having been beaten down in every way that a man can be, he has to listen to these lawyers pick and choose what part of his testimony suits them? I understand it is their job but, frankly, I think not.

Even through all of this, every evening before leaving the courtroom, you can see Johnny getting out his sharpie markers and making preparations to meet his fans. Through it all, his love for us has never wavered, nor has his dedication to us faltered. You want the true measure of this man? All you have to do is observe him with his fans for a few, because whether it’s 15 minutes or 3 hours, he gives that last fan the exact same courtesy that he did the first. And that, my friends, is a true gentleman, with a gentleman’s heart.

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